Male Extra Reviews – Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2020


No matter how desirable you appear, if you are a one minute man or have an average penis length, no lady would love to be in bed with you. 

Thankfully, in this advanced era, problems can be addressed more smartly and you can go for soultions that can help you overcome this image.

Yes, you can now add to the power of your erections and lengthen your penile through some very smart approaches known to add to your manly appeal. 

An approach this useful can be Male Extra that is a time-tested male enhancement known for all good reasons. 

What is Male Extra and what contribution does it has for heightening up your sexual performance- let us learn through discussing the nature of Male Extra, ingredients part of its recipe and more importantly, benefits it offers to men having a hard time in bed. 


Male Extra is an extreme quality made to overcome all your bedroom problems through a proprietary blend of natural ingredients.

It is a dietary supplement that falls under the category of male enhancement that is equally benefitting for men of all ages. 

The supplement pays a larger focus on the sexual performance of men that may suffer due to their inability to last long or feel hard during those intimate moments.

However, Male Extra is also a go-to pill for men who may not have an impressive penile length and are looking for any quality solution for this special concern. 

Essentially, that’s not all you get from Male Extra. It further aids in elevating your sex drive and ensures orgasms completely high in strength. 


The male enhancement, Male Extra has been improving the quality of sex lives of young and aged for almost 10 years now.

This product is produced by a popular Middle-East company called Vobue Limited that intended to come up with a natural and quality treatment plan for Erectile Dysfunction. 

While we look into this product more closely and witness the positive changes it creates, we believe in the company stating it to be a fruit of their labor.

It further claims that the recipe took several years to develop and was followed by thorough research to determine its efficacy and safety level. 

Without a doubt, Male Extra is a great competition for other male enhancements that are yet in the struggling phase to come up to its standard and create that level of customer base enjoyed by Male Extra.  


Unlike other supplements that claim to be the natural solution for poor erection strength and average penile length, Male Extra offers a real solution that is actually natural and non-chemical.  

As far as the need for Male Extra is concerned, it is greatly aimed for men that may not achieve quality erections that are characterized by the ability to get stronger and last longer in bed.

That is, if your penis is not hard enough during those intimate times that make penetrations less smooth or you ejaculate much early before you could actually enjoy sex, you need Male Extra. 

Besides, there is another major concern, which affects the overall quality and satisfaction of sex.

The problem we are hinting towards is a small-average penile length measuring somewhere between 3-5.5 inch during the time of erections.

For a problem this displeasing, Male Extra presents an extremely convincing approach that will make you witness some remarkable extension effects for a sex more passionate and pleasure-filled. 


Male Extra is no common product occupying a usual spot in the male enhancement market. It is a quality recipe that has been aiding men for some 11 years now and hence, has a special position none can trounce.

Some worth mentioning qualities of Male Extra are:

  1. It has improved the intimate lives of more than 150,000 men that were dissatisfied with their performance in bed
  2. It was launched in 2009 and ever since this time, the product has been customers’ favorite with more than 12 million pills been purchased by far
  3. Male Extra is approved by FDA denoting the safety for short or regular use
  4. It is a completely organic male enhancement formula posing no risk at all
  5. It is the only pill that introduces Pomegranate in 500mg 
  6. Male Extra is produced by some top qualified and certified doctors that assure its safety as much as they assure its effectiveness 
  7. There is 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on the purchase of Male Extra


Now this is the most interesting question as reasonably, you resort to any product after learning its exact properties in detail.

Now in case with Male Extra, we have repeatedly mentioned its extra ordinary nature and qualities that have no comparison by far.

What are these benefits and how perfectly these justify its position as an ideal male enhancement in the market, let us discuss in detail now:

  • It increases your penile length: 

A key benefit generated by Male Extra is the elongation of penile that attracts 50 percent of men facing imperfections in the size of their manhood. Now generally, women claim that it’s acceptable to them if their partner has a small or average size penile, but think for a moment- are they being truthful or being polite?

No wonder- we all seek the best for us and believe in the proverb that says-the bigger, the better. So why not work for it?

  • It hardens erections:

A soft erection may or may not be due to erectile dysfunction that generally weakens the erections and makes you manhood feel soft during the time of arousals. Whether or not- this condition is extremely exhausting for you and her. Luckily, Male Extra offers a great solution for men like this. In addition to increasing your size during arousals, it supports hard-cord sex by hardening and solidifying your weapon during erections.   

  • It prevents premature ejaculation:

One of the signs of Erectile Dysfunction is Premature Ejaculation that is marked by the failure to last long in bed. Even when you try to delay your timings through those psychological games, you could not help but ejaculate almost the moment you start with penetrations. Thankfully, Male Extra is a relief for Premature Ejaculation. It expands your lasting capacity and allows you to perform with more enthusiasm for a longer period of time

  • It strengthens penile:

We bet Male Extra offers far more than the standard male enhancements are offering these days. For example, a benefit like strengthening your penile cells and facilitating the production of new ones for a healthier and stronger penile structure. Well- with a penis this strong- you can surely make her ‘scream at the top of her lungs’

  • It elevates sexual stamina:

To be that man she wants- you need to have crazy stamina and all-night staying power that may sound impossible to some of you. Indeed, as you age, you face a decline in everything including your prowess, hence, you look for foods and exercises that can add to your sexual energy. Well- if the situation is relatable to you- guess what- your prayers have been heard as Male Extra largely focuses on increasing sexual stamina and preventing fatigue to toss more spice in your intimacy

  • It improves sexual appetite:

Your thirst for sex faces a low due to several reasons with aging being the top cause. And when that happens, you start to distance yourself from your partner intentionally or unintentionally. Male Extra boosts sexual appetite and it is for this reasons, men on the male enhancement report a major improvement in their libido, in addition with several other improvements in their sexual lives 

  • It encourages strong orgasms:

 Weak erections mean weak orgasms whereas strong erections contribute to strong orgasms. Male Extra, as known by now, works to add quality to erections while it also adds to sexual stimulation that creates a perfect combination needed for powerful orgasms

  • It uplifts your confidence:

Imagine that look of satisfaction visible on her face and she complimenting you on your virility- won’t that give your confidence an extremely powerful boost? Indeed, it will. So, Male Extra is about restoring that confidence you have in your masculinity in your teenage years. 


Male Extra is an amalgamation of some extremely potent agents including Pomegranate and L-Arginine that multiply your ability to generate vasodilator nitric oxide for the boost in blood circulation. 

As blood circulation improves, the intimate organs begin to receive increased volume of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients.

With oxygen and nutrients, your sexual appetite increases and with increased blood in the penile (Corpora cavernosa), you notice the desired lengthening in your size and strength in your erections. 

In addition to these two ingredients, the proprietary blend of Male Extra also includes MSM that fortifies the penile cells while supporting the making of fresh cells for your manhood to turn more and more powerful for a power-packed performance. 


What more do you need when a product introduces all natural ingredients like fruit extract, minerals and amino acids to tackle issues that normally demand harsh pills to address. 

Male Extra brings some extremely healthy and useful ingredients in line and promises the change you desperately seek in your sexual life.

Each of its ingredients is highly effective, however, when these go hand in hand to deal with the series of problems you generally face under the sheets, these turn into total dynamite. 


Precisely, the ingredients of Male Extra are: 

  • L-Arginine – 600 mg: 

Hard and prolonged erections demand more blood in the penile and expanding blood vessels to make more room for blood is the best approach for the outcomes being sought. However, the expansion of blood vessels need nitrous oxide in higher amount and L-Arginine is the aid that heightens our ability to make nitric oxide. Considering the adequate concentration of this amino acid in Male Extra, experts believe Male Extra to be best tool for poor erections

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane(MSM) – 100 mg:

You need MSM for the health of your cells and by cells, we mean the cells and tissues of your penile region. The mineral, as mentioned earlier, supports the growth and strengthening of penile cells that in turn, helps with the strengthening of your member and achieving leg shaking orgasms. Essentially, the effects of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane do not end here. Research suggests its role in improving blood circulation to the reproductive organs and fixing weak cartilage 

  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid – 500 mg:

Pomegranate is the backbone of Male Extra, the powerhouse that gives this male enhancement its advance powers. Now this fruit has a strong image of being an aphrodisiac and believe it or not, it justifies it to the fullest. Pomegranate Juice increases your sexual appetite and quality of erections through ensuring sufficient blood supply to the penile. Owing to its ability to enhance blood circulation to the genital region, the qualities and nature of Pomegranate is often equated with Viagra

  • L-Methionine – 100mg: 

This is another amino acid compound that prolongs your bedroom timings through limiting the transformation speed of histidine into histamine. Basically, histamine has a direct connection with ejaculation and the more you have, the quicker you are likely to ejaculate. Thereby, controlling its growth through conversion is extremely important in order to last longer in bed

Vitamin B3 vasodilate blood vessels that is ultimately good for your erectile strength. As we have already discussed, widening of blood vessels increases the capacity to receive more blood when you are sexually aroused. When penile can carry healthy amount of blood during, you can feel yourself extremely harder down there. Sadly, when your body lacks vitamin B3, the more to get affected in your health is your erections. For some, the deficiency is so extreme that forget about getting soft and short erections, men fail to achieve erection in the first place

  • Cordyceps – 25mg: 

This is an adaptogen that mainly helps you with your sexual energy and libido that may be low due to any unspecific reason. However, Cordyceps also supports healthy erections through its powers to improve blood circulation. 

  • Zinc – 14 mg:

The more we stress the significance of zinc for your sex drive, the less it is. Basically, zinc aids in the making of testosterone, the male sex hormone which is positively associated with all the good related to a man’s sexual life. If you lack testosterone, you may not get sexually aroused and that of course, undo your ability to achieve erection. As we do not produce the chemical element on our own, our body obtains it through food. But sadly, the type of diet we take these days, it isn’t a surprise for us to get deficient in zinc. Male Extra brings you the perfect dose of zinc that not only supports a healthy libido in young and aged, but supports a performance that can make her go completely in awe of


In general cases, sexual problems like poor libido and erectile dysfunction develop in aged men. In addition to that, their ability to achieve powerful orgasms also reduces due to the poor stimulation they receive from penetrations. 

Luckily, Male Extra is one proven solution that is heavily beneficial for any single man, young, middle aged or old, having problems with his erections.

The recipe has been subjected to a number of clinical trials all that proved its efficiency in favoring the erectile health of men belonging to all age groups. 


Now since it’s a completely organic supplement, the possibility of Male Extra causing any complication is extremely low. But that does not make it anything ideal for those with any serious disease or taking some high power medication to treat any.

Despite being safe, there are chances of Male Extra going harsh on the said individuals or interact with drugs you are already taking.

Thereby, it is extremely important for you to consider your health first and determine if it will be as friendly to your health as it will be for other people.

In case you could not decide, take assistance and some valuable suggestions from your doctor. 


The manufacturers of Male Extra have only picked and incorporated natural ingredients and have strictly avoided chemicals and synthetic agents.

Their intention, as stated earlier, was to produce a solution that naturally deals with erectile and size imperfections and generates results without any harm. 

However, if you are sensitive to any of the Male Extra ingredients, over dose it or use it with some other medication, there are chances of complications then. 


This brilliant male enhancement does all possible tuning in your sex life. From your sex drive to your orgasms, it ensures no field is left unaffected for the overall satisfaction and performance that’s expected. 

However, keep in mind that Male Extra is not a permanent cure to the imperfections you have in your sex life. It is a timely substance that brings timely changes until you stop or discontinue its use.

Luckily, there is no harm in using Male Extra on a regular base as it is a mix of amino acids, minerals and fruit extracts that work for the betterment of your sexual health and not harm. 


Three pills a day and there you go!

Make sure you are properly hydrating yourself through the increased intake of water and taking your pills one at a time with the regular three meals. 


Effectiveness  4.5  
Speedy Results   4
Safety   5
Customer Rating  4.5
Overall Value  4.5


Now there are certain habits that are proven to support healthy erectile functioning by the experts.

These habits, when go hand in hand with Male Extra promise you a drastic change in the health, functioning and performance of your intimate organs.

What are these, let’s have a quick look:

  1. Have meals high in vegetables and fruits and avoid fatty and processed foods. Remember, if it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your erections as in the end, it’s all about healthy blood circulation
  2. Take possible efforts to maintain a healthy weight as unhealthy weight and obesity trigger diabetes and that is one major cause of Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Excessive alcohol harms your liver and nerve and affects the healthy balance of sex hormones causing problems with erections. Thus, try to avoid, if not, set a limit. 
  4. If your lifestyle is inactive and you seldom involve in physical activities, there are high chances of you having erectile issues or worst, erectile dysfunction. Exercise!
  5. Kegel exercises are good for your pelvic muscles, consider them trying on a regular base
  6. Make sure your body is producing enough sex hormones, especially testosterone 
  7. Say no to performance enhancing steroids as these contract testicles and thus, your ability to produce sex hormone like testosterone
  8. Avoid smoking as the habit damage blood vessels and so, deprive your penile from the necessary supply of blood at the time of arousals
  9. Avoid rough sex as this can injure your member and cause abnormalities in erection
  10. Try to control stress as it elevates the amount of adrenaline. The hormone shrinks blood vessels and thus, restricts blood supply to the genitals


  1. Male Extra is powerful and proven in treating ED
  2. It is a set of natural ingredients that are health-friendly 
  3. It is legal and does not need prescription
  4. Male Extra is delivered around the world and that too, free of cost
  5. It is one of the clinically tested and FDA approved male enhancements
  6. The company has an excellent 24/7 customer service 
  7. There is 60 Days Money Refund


  1. The effects are not immediate or overnight
  2. Effects get weak after discontinuing the cycle


Male Extra is available on its official website which happens to be the only source offering:

  • Guaranteed patented formula
  •  Discounts
  • Free shipping 
  • Money back guarantee

Since the demand of Male Extra is pretty high, it is better to trust the official website or you may fall prey of counterfeits.


In this extensive write up on Male Extra, we tried our best to deliver all that’s needed to know ahead of a decision that turns out to be the best for your health.

Remember, this is a natural approach that uses the power of Pomegranate thereby, change is a must. And since Male Extra is FDA approved with a history of serving men for some 11 years, it automatically becomes one of the trusted male enhancements that need no second thoughts for. 


Q-1 Is Male Extra FDA approved?

Yes, Male Extra is FDA approved with a high customer rating.

Q-2 Does it works?

It does work through increasing blood circulation to the genitals and supplying healthy amounts of oxygen and nutrients to them.

Q-3 What are its ingredients?

Male Extra is a blend of Pomegranate, L-Arginine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Creatine and Cordyceps.

Q-4 What can I expect from Male Extra?

You can expect an erectile performance that is associated with the performance by someone in his teenage years. Male Extra is great for erections and some inches you would like to add in your penile length during arousals.

Q-5 Does it has a FREE Trial?

No, those who claim it has are misguiding their readers.

Q-6 Does Male Extra helps with size growth?

Yes, its effects are boundless and not restricted to the improvements in erections. So yes, you can consider it for that very purpose

Q-7 What if I am not happy with the results?

You can claim your money back within 60 Days of purchase